Quartz Gems - Add a Touch of Radiance to Your Jewelry Collection

Name Origin: The name ‘quartz’ has two potential origins: a German origin, meaning ‘hard’; and a Greek origin that related to quartz as a crystal, meaning ‘ice’.
Colour: Quartz comes in a huge variety of colours. Quartz is most commonly clear, followed by white quartz. Deep, rich colours are the most valuable.
Varieties: Common types of quartz include amethyst, citrine, onyx, agate, Hawk’s eye and Tiger’s eye.
Hardness: 7 out of 10 on the Mohs scale.
Inclusions: Quartz with few or no inclusions is the most valuable. The exception is when an inclusion is a defining characteristic, as is the case for Hawk’s eye quartz.
Other information: Quartz was one of the first gems to be grown synthetically on a large scale. This began in WWII, when quartz was grown for use in the radios.
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