Citrine - Harness the Energy of the Sun, Embrace the Light

Experience the warm and radiant beauty of citrine with the exquisite collection of natural citrine jewellery on offer at auction. With its vibrant yellow and golden hues, citrine is a gemstone that exudes joy and positivity. From stunning citrine rings that make a bold statement to delicate citrine earrings that add a touch of elegance, on offer is a range of styles to suit any occasion. Bid now and acquire a natural citrine piece that will brighten your world, evoke admiration and become a treasured possession. 

Learn more about natural citrine. 

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End date: 03 December 2023 20:00 AEDT
Estimate: $3,300 - $3,600
End date: 03 December 2023 20:00 AEDT
Estimate: $700 - $900
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